Stretch For Life

Fascia Stretch Therapy

Welcome to my web page!  My name is Kirk Kodama.  I am a certified Fascia Stretch Specialist working on the island of Oahu, Hawaii and I have been practicing FST since 2015.  My interest in body work started at a young age.  I remember reading books that my dad had about shiatsu, reflexology, and trigger point therapy.  I also remember my dad noticing my interest in these books and always making me practice on him to help relieve his aches and pains.  Although I had this curiosity about body work, it never crossed my mind that I could do this type of work for a living.

Before becoming a Fascia Stretch Therapist, I worked many years as an electrician.  It wasn't until a great friend of mine convinced me that there was nothing more rewarding than to be able to help others on a personal level.  This friend is a massage therapist with over 20 years of experience.  He knew of my interest in body work and often taught me different massage and body working techniques.  He was the first person in Hawaii to become a certified Fascia Stretch Therapist and soon encouraged me to also become certified.  He said that it was a new and exciting approach to treating pain and movement by looking at how the Fascia affects movement and applying this science to stretching.  He also said that it was growing in popularity among many professional sports organizations worldwide and has been getting great reviews.  It sounded very interesting, so I got certified thinking I would practice this therapy part time.

Within the first four months I saw the wonderful results my clients were experiencing.  This prompted me to get 2 more certifications in Frederick Stretch TherapyTM and I started my own business and became a therapist full time.  I have helped many people improve their flexibility and functional movement as well as people suffering from chronic pain and injuries.  From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete and ages ranging from 8 years old to 98 years old. 

It has become my passion to learn about the body and the role the Fascia plays in obtaining optimal health and movement.  I have attended many classes about Fascia and movement and have done multiple human anatomy dissection classes.  Working on untreated cadavers to broaden my knowledge of this amazing tissue.  One of the highlights of my continuing education is when I attended the 2018 Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, Germany.  It is an organization of the worlds leading scientists, doctors and researchers of Fascia that meet every three years to share research and discoveries.  Fascia has become the new darling of science such that novel discoveries are surfacing at a rapid pace, paralleling the same kind of exploding growth now seen in neuroscience and brain research.

My friend was right.  There is no greater satisfaction than being able to help others.  I knew I had found my calling.  The Lord has blessed me with this amazing opportunity to help people and so the "Electrician" became "The Stretchician".