What Is Fascia Stretch Therapy

Fascia Stretch Therapy or Frederick Stretch TherapyTM, named after its creator Ann Frederick, is a pain free, innovative, complete and complementary science based system of therapist assisted stretching.  It is performed by certified professionals and can help eliminate pain, improve mobility, improve athletic performance and recovery, and restore proper functional movement.  The client lays on a massage table and is taken through  movements and stretches based on their specific needs.  Unlike traditional stretching, which attempts to isolate and stretch individual muscles,  FST targets the connective tissue know as Fascia to achieve optimal gains in mobility, strength and pain relief.

FST focuses on working the body from the inside out.  Specialized techniques are used to free up the deepest tissue first, which in turn allows the more superficial tissue, like the muscle, to relax.  It is this "whole body" view that is far more superior than the old traditional muscle isolation view that a lot of stretching, exercise and therapies still utilize today.  Fascia is the new darling of science and medicine.  As we continue to learn more about it we are truly seeing how complex and highly integrated the body is.  When we move one part, everything is affected.  Knowing this, we need to look and treat the body globally to get lasting relief from pain and injuries, but more importantly to help prevent them from happening.

Assessments of function and mobility determine the specific parameters of stretching to be applies in order to achieve positive outcomes in client function.  As a result of improving client function, pain may improve or be eliminated.  Science shows that the NeuroMyoFascial system must be incorporated for optimal results in pain management, rehabilitation and functional training.  The creators of Frederick Stretch Therapy have been doing this since 1995 and they have since evolved it into a complete system that is successfully being used in medical, fitness and sports facilities all over the world.